Vanessa: Non Verbal Language

The amazing process of getting to know each other by Vanessa.

When you meet someone, first thing you usually do is to shake hands to introduce one another, thus you exchange some info by doing so. Some people make better impression to us than others, the way they approach to us is important, but to feel respect and celebrated it always matter. Then we talk, and by talking sometimes we bring some jokes or friendly tester which will tell us more about that person we are meeting, if their reactions are fine to us and you feel comfortable with each other the relation goes on and tend to get closer if the approach keeps happening.

Vanessa and Jack

That easy way of explaining approaching and meeting new beings is what I have learnt today. We use to think that people are way different from other living beings but we have a lot in common. Horses like many other animals need that process to establish a good and respectful relation with you. When I usually approached a horse before I was getting close slowly until I got the horse to smell me, If it didn´t run away, that was a good signal so I begun to touch him immediately, what happen next is that they actually run away in that moment. Today for the first time I have introduced myself to a horse in a proper way, it was amazing to see how much eager he was to get to know me afterward.

It was amazing too, to see how much we can learn about our body language and the approach we use to have as well to people, from being between animals. They are a huge indicator of our non verbal language, and can reveal a lot about ourselves.
As I had the chance to learn; many times we just go to them to touch them as if they were craving for it, when the reality is that the only one craving for it is us! That is not their way. Observe how animals behave among them.

Vanessa mirroring “The Girls” mindset.

So what I actually did was to offer my hand to be smell, we can get a lot of info from each other smell, even human, although for us is more unconscious stuff. So… he smell me and I step back, in that way you show you respect his space, that you are not invasive. After a while playing together with Stina he became more interesting and he got closer to me smelling me like curious and then I understood my relation had a beginning, how much I take care of it, will determinate everything. Looking forward to meet you again Jack, hope I can keep learning from you the amazing world of communication.

Thanks so much Stina, wishing to keep learning the horse´s language with you.


Thank you Vanessa I look very much forward to our next lessons.

Today The Girls; Magic, Moonlight and Elena were in their own world and not ready to talk to us, which was an interesting observation.

What to do when you are going to have a lesson with a horse and the horse is not interested? Make the horse interested? What we did today was to make it part of the lesson  and we discussed what to do when you want a lesson and the horse don’t. This was of course a good lesson.

After spending sometime with the girls we went to connect with Jack and Spirit instead.

Jack was more than ready and we could say hello, companion walk and even do a bit of liberty dancing in the field.

Much sunshine from St. Vincent


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