Sahaja 2016: Lesson 1,2 & 3

Every year I host a Liberty Training Clinic at our Eco Center in the Caribbean. This year’s Sahaja Clinic will run from the 3rd till the 7th of December. Sometimes I host clinics together with another horse teacher so if you are interested to co-host a clinic with me in 2017, let me know so we can find out how to go about it.

This year’s Sahaja Clinic will be hosted by me and my students Nele and Jonathan. Nele is arriving our center in August and she will help me develop our riding program while she will learn to do liberty training. Jonathan is here already as a climate change student and he is in the process of learning how to connect and communicate with Jack and then do quiet rides in the rainforest – just like Jonna did last year.


Another Kind of Ride with Jonna and Darling

For you who have already signed up to the Sahaja Liberty Training Clinic I would like to say very welcome; for you who are thinking about joining and have more questions – just drop me a line and I will try to answer all your questions.
The clinic takes 5 days. We will do group lessons together in the morning and work on your individual designed programs in the afternoon. There will be plenty of time for reflections, sharing territory, diving and hiking.


More about the Clinic here

Here are 3 lessons we will work on during the clinic (more in the making)

  1. From High to Low Energy
  2. Body Language Communication
  3. The Draw


Just write to me at if you like to join or have any questions, we still  have 3 more places!

Much Sunshine from Stina in St. Vincent


Hike Richmond Vale - 39
Looking for You!




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