This language is full of life, gestures and signs

Johnny’s Journey; Today I had an enriching lesson, besides the fact that learning a new language is very exciting, learning the language of horses is a wonderful experience!

Stina and Jack are excellent masters.

I feel like Stina is teaching me the idiom and Jack the Grammar, the accent, the signs, and of course, Jack always has some kind of trick or joke. Stina has to explain me later, just to make me understand that everything here, is about the connection and the communication.

This language is not just simples words, this language is full of life, gestures and signs.

Today, I felt like hanging out with a new old friend, getting to know each other better knowing more each other. Sometimes I lost my connection withy teacher Jack because I was paying attention to my other teacher Stina. Jack sometimes called my attention again with some gestures of almost pretending he was no longer interested in me, giving himself honor and respect for the lesson for what he was trying to teach me…

An enriching class today, thanks Stina!!!


Thanks to you Johnny!

I am always fascinated being able to translate and facilitate this process.
I think there are many elements in how to walk with a horse. In this lesson we do not want to pull the horse to where we want to go, but we rather want to walk together as you would with a friend going to the cinema. On the way to the cinema you might stop and chat with some friends or make a stop looking through the clothes shop windows. You are not rushing, but enjoying the way to the cinema, you have even made sure to leave home in good time so there is time to get popcorn.


When walking together with a horse we like to have a dialogue and a flow. It is not a walk where you decide where the horse should go and then drop him there. It is a walk of communication. We walk to an area rich with fresh grass and herbs, from the horse point of view the area would be like “buffet style” and “eat all you want”.

At the “buffet” we start the exercise by inviting the horse to eat, after a while we would like to move to a new location to continue eating and we have to find the way to suggest to the horse that we are moving without pulling, only by using communication tools like language, body language, sounds and intention.

This might sound very simple but really it’s not, it is a good lesson in awareness, focus, intention and clarity. The more clear we are the easier the horse will follow.



  1. Wonderful lesson Johnny.
    And I agree so much with you Stina. It is not easy to walk a horse like this but it is so much joy and very inspiringly! And It makes much more sense to the horse! ❤️

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