Learning a new Language

Johnny’s Journey: I want to say thank you for this opportunity to learn about the language of horses. The experience with the horses was really good, very full of knowledge, patience, control and observation. In the beginning it was very exciting, because it is to try to connect, in a very deep and spiritual way with another kind of life.

When I realized about all my thoughts and breath I felt like when I was learning another language like Portuguese or English, I forgot that I was learning horse language and I started to understand the horse’s language.

This language is full of body language, expressions, observation, their ears, their focus eyes, how they walk, how they move, everything, every detail say something. It is just like people, some time what somebody say of words are just the 10% of what they are actually saying, 70% is body language and 20% is the accent.

Thinking in this way, I can see why the horse language is so deep and why I felt so confortable. Connecting with the horse in his language, is very pure, no accent, no words but full of expressions.

The horse express what they want with his entire mind and all his body.

A very good experience! I look forward to more lessons.

Thank you very much Stina.

Thank you Jonathan, I look forward to the upcoming lessons.
I am happy to be able to be the “translator” so that human and horses can understand each other.

To all our readers: You can now follow Johnny and Jack’s Journey on the blog over the next months from learning to communicate, build trust and ride in the rainforest.

Kind regards Stina

Sahaja Horse Clinic is coming up 3rd of December and I have 3 more places.


  1. Nice that you saw what we, nerdy horsepeople, see- the beuty with theese magical animals that can teach us so much. It is so much more than the surface- it´s a whole new language, and a whole new understanding. Good luck with your lessons, exciting!!

    • Thanks jonna, yes i’m very exciting with this new horse universe, full of sensitive, perception and body language, like you said is a whole new language, and a whole new understanding, until i see in this point is a new perception of the world and relatiins of the humans with the horses, for me is a language full of magic.

  2. I see so much harmony in your photos, Jonathan. And I can see the bond between you and Jack. It seems that you made wonderful experiences while learning the languages of horses in this natural way.
    It was very nice and inspiring to read your blog. Thank you!

    • Hi petra, thank’s to wrote and your comments, this is the Stina Herberg’s blog, she is teaching me the horse’s language, she also took the pictures and she is an amazing teacher and person, you have to know her.
      Yes i felt a very deep conection with jack he is a wonderful, smart and wise horse.

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