Resisting Human Domination


Communicative horses have a dialog with us humans. They are horses who actually speak with us. Sounds wonderful right?

Much of today’s horse world is influenced, controlled, or ruled by humans, or so it seems. But there is however a a growing community of empowered horses and their two legged friends that is putting up resistance to human domination …

The resistance is about taking away  domination or “dressage,” no one “whispers” and no one screams, there are  no whips or intimidation. Just human beings who learn how to listen to their horses and come into a conversation with them.

My horses are communicative and masters at making themselves understood. They believe it is possible to speak with humans as equals, without tricks or force, under saddle or at the side.

The horse will enthusiastically “co-operate” and “have you on his back “—”even inviting” you along for the ride of your dreams.

The code to this dramatic change of the human-horse relationship is what I teach in my clinics. Human or horse, feelings, posture, thoughts and movements are  linked.

Learning the ability to “tap into” this language leaves you beyond the demands, commands, and cues you once relied on, and instead discover a beautiful, un-explainable, heartwarming and mutually beneficial symbiosis.

Welcome to the five day Sahaja Clinic the 3rd of December on the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

If you have any questions or comments I would enjoy talking to you, just post in the comment field below.


Much Sunshine

Stina and the horses.




    • Hello Anna!

      Thank you for commenting. We also miss you here and glad we are in touch again. We are again moving forward with the horses and our education and making a very exciting program for the Sahaja Clinic.
      We will rainforest walk, river bathe, dance in the garden, have mango party, share territory under the stars and enjoy each others company.
      Well you know you are invited!

  1. This is what every person involved with horses out there need to know! I think if everybody who are interacting with horses knew the magical power of what comes to really understand horses, they would definitely awaken and take a look on how they really treat their horses which they of course love. But love do has different levels.

    I wish all the horses and their owners good luck with finding communication and understanding for each other and thereof deepen their love in between them.


    • Dear Jonna, thank you for commenting. I think of you when I am with the horses. It is very interesting what you write about love, it is so true, love is not just love but it also goes with demands. Love is not enough it goes hand in hand with demands. Most people can learn more about how to put demands in an interesting and responsive way.
      Hope you are fine. Was so glad to develop the riding program with you and now finally we will make the next step in August as a new very trained rider will come and work with me for 4 months.
      Take care!
      Much love Stina

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