The beauty of hiking with horses

So why don’t you ride them? I got this question many times and have realized that hiking with horses is still quite a new thing in the horse business. To charge for a ride, a lesson or a clinic is normal, but not a horse hike. I really enjoy horse hiking and hope that it is something that will spread and be offered at many horse facilities.

After the rescue in 2007, we were not able to ride the horses without force so we dropped the idea and instead developed the horse hiking program. We simply take some horses on a walk into the rainforest, stop on the way for mango, avocado, guava, herbs and grasses. After a couple of hours wrapped in trees, amazing views, birds and bushes we end up at the ocean front where the Richmond river meets the Caribbean Sea. Here we take a bath!

It’s a beautiful and peaceful activity and it brings people closer to nature.

When guests arrive to our center I start with an introduction about the history of the herd. I focus on telling the benefits for humans being kinder to all animals and taking good care of Mother Earth. Then I choose a horse suitable to the guest and introduce how to walk with the horse, how long the rope should be, what happens when we meet cows, bulls and dogs and when to be in the front and when to be at the side of the horse.

Anytime the guest do not feel comfortable there is only one guideline which is to just let go of the horse. The horse will anyway stay with it’s horse human herd.

Here is the first video I ever made horse hiking and some recent photos from last week’s hike with Jack and Spirit.

If you have any questions about hiking with horses let me know and hope to see you here one day!

Happy Hiking!

Kind regards Stina

It’s of course also possible to hike without horses…..

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