Elena’s Dance of Joy

Dancing and moving with rhythm is good, healthy and fun!

There are many ways of dancing, from disco dance floor to barn dancing and dancing in the garden with horses. Dance has always been a part of our culture, rituals and celebrations. Today, a lot of dancing is about recreation and self-expression, although it can also be done as a competitive activity. Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit.

Dancing with horses is so easy to learn and do. It is so much fun and brings joy to life. Dancing with horses can unblock stuck energy and light a fire inside of you. The playful interaction between horse and human is very healing.

I still feel the joy from this video where Elena’s shows off her moves and energy!

At our center we have 40 students and volunteers from 15 different countries at the moment and we are busy busy planting trees, studying, learning to drum, having courses, exams and doing sports. We are in the middle of creating many projects to benefit the communities like planting mangroves, building playgrounds of recycling tires, installing solar panels, restoring nature trails, running environment clubs and teaching about the importance of biodiversity in communities.

Dance with horses - 2So ..how to fit the horses into the middle of all of this?

That has always been a beautiful challenge for me. It only works for me as a busy project leader because it is a reciprocal relationship. So all the work on the project gives something and all the work with horses gives something, putting it together is a key. Being with and dancing with horses gives me a special energy that is very beneficial for everything I do. Horses are one of my passions. Pursuing your passion is very important, what ever you do or whatever your passion is. 
I am happy to have been able to find the balance and horses will always play a crucial role in my life.

My horses have taught hundreds of lessons to thousands of people since 2007. I learnt many lessons from them. My horses taught me how to speak and dance with them through body language communication, intuition, focus and energy. I studied and taught the Carolyn Resnick Method for six years that highly influenced my work with horses. What is so interesting about working with horses is that the learning is infinite.

Dance with horses - 5Living and learning with horses offers so many opportunities to continue developing your skills. Since I first met a horse at age 10 I have had many great mentors. Last year I had the great opportunity to study with Gabriel from Hungary who even stayed onsite with me at our center here in the Caribbean. Gabriel taught me many valuable lessons about what it really takes to ride horses. Learning from him even improved my liberty skills. Fascinating!

So if you don’t yet have one get your self a mentor! For many people who stay at our center for shorter and longer times, the liberty work and the connected beautiful calm riding is something that touches people directly in their hearts. Some express a deep joy even watered with tears from the soul. We are living in an exciting, enlightening time for the betterment of horses. We just have to keep going share and inspire others with communication, kindness and the way of the horse. Horses so much want to cooperate with us and they are so sensitive, smart and easy going.

I am so grateful to be part of a worldwide movement, inspiring to a new way of being with horses.

Thank you for reading and if you don’t dance with your horse yet, do dance anyway.

Dance like nobody is watching!

Much sunshine and joy


Clinic in Denmark coming up 29th of May and 10th of December in St. Vincent – stay tuned!!


Dance with horses - 4


Dance with horses - 3


    • Hello Christine! Thank you so much for checking in! It all starts with a dream. Fly to Barbados from Toronto and then with Liat to St. Vincent. We’ll meet you in the airport. Much sunshine Stina and Elena

  1. Hi Stina!

    Thank you for another great post. As soon as I red it I remembered how I watched you dance with Darling and was asking myself if I will ever be able to dance like that with horse. At the end of my first stay my wish came true and I danced with Spirit, which was the most unforgettable experience in my life 🙂 What I love about dancing with horses is how much fun it is and most important how connected we become while we do that. Also this activity brings so much energy for me as well not just the horse and I feel so energized long after the dance is over!!! I love that every day with horses is never the same so its full of magic and unpredictable things that could last for a lifetime. As long as I live, I would always have something new to learn from these amazing animals.

    Warm greetings,
    Kristine Jerane

  2. Awww Kristine – I remember very very well. Very beautiful Dance! Actually I am making a dance video with each horse! stay tuned for spirits dance!

  3. Thanks Stina! Spot on! I can relate with everything you write, beautiful. Horses can give a person so many valuable things, and I think joy is the greatest one!

    • Hello Jonna,
      Nice to hear from you. How are you doing with your new horse?
      I look forward to see some photos and get some updates, always thinking of you when I am with the horses!
      We are soon having a new working student and now i have a couple of weeks with the horses – all by my self!

      Kind regards Stina

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