Louise: It was a magical show

While writing, I am sitting under a tree in the shade along with Jack and looking out over the sea and Spirit is grazing nearby…

12804243_10207792989136001_1044385748_nMy name is Louise Helgesson, I am 24 years old and come from south Sweden. I’m the new horsegirl at Richmond Vale.

I have now been at Saint Vincent for 3 weeks and it already feels like home. All, both humans and animals have received me with open arms.
I left a winter cold Sweden and came to a summery Saint Vincent! The first few days were really hot and humid and I changed clothes all the time before I realized what was most appropriate to wear in the blazing sun and 30 degree heat all day!

The first week I hang out completely un-demanding with the horses just to bond with them. The second week, I started slowly to work a bit with “my” horses here; Elena and Jack.
The first lesson with Stina was to go to the beach with the horses. The following week, Jack had a lesson with me (it felt like that) Stina showed how Jack did as he wanted to walk really slow and drag his feet. We practiced that I would be at Jack sholder all the time so I could ask for more speed if necessary. There’s a big difference between Jack and me now and it is easier to lead him now when I have given him the boundary to stay at my shoulder. He’s got lots of more energy than what he gives the impression of!

The second lesson we had Jack and a bowl with food. I got to see how Stina invited him and then send him to graze and then call him back. When he was attentive and willing to come to her, they went a round and then came back to the bowl and got a treat. Stina has never treats in her pockets because she wants to have an honest communication without the horse and does not want the horses to see her as a treat machine. So therefore, she uses a bowl on the ground with food instead. Then she showed with Spirit. Then I tried with Jack. It looks so easy but once you are there yourself and try to remember everything that you just saw, it can be difficult. The best thing to do is to read the horse and take a deep breath and smile and have fun Jack was a real gentleman and showed me how the training would be like. Thank you Jack!
My third lesson was about energy. Stina showed with Moonlight, Elena and Magic. It was so cool to see the horses “read” Stina’s mind and be so alert, willing to work, positive and happy. And all the work was completely “naked” without ropes and halters, therefore, fantastic. There should be more “horse circuses” like this. It was a magical show they gaved me, the horses and Stina.

Just add some popcorn and then I had my “Dancing with Horses Circus”.

I take care of the horses and their training then I also alternate with trips to the waterfalls, volcano hiking, diving, exotic fruit eating, outdoor cinema at night, yoga and beach hang out on Sundays.

Lots of Love
// Louise


Thank you Louise for sharing a blog this week. Every working student bring something very special. You have bonded very fast with the horses and I look forward to our future adventures!
Much sunshine from St. Vincent,

Kind regards Stina

Stina dances with Elena, Magic and Moonlight






Stina Herberg


Sunset St. Vincent


  1. Thank you Louise for sharing your story and your journey with horses on island. I remember myself how it all began and it felt like i know so little about horses and i realized how much there is to learn when I looked at how Stina was connecting with them but most important thing I learned is to be patient and let the horses be my greatest teachers. That moment when you can finally do liberty dance is one of the most amazing experiences I had and I shared it with Spirit-my precious girl 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more stories from you and wish you all the best Louise!!!

  2. Nice! It sounds like you are in the exactly right place 🙂 Give the horses kisses from me ❤ Stort lycka till!

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