Happy 2016 – Give Thanks!

Happy New Year from SVG Horse School!
2015 has been a remarkable year where we have had good progress, shared inspiration, held clinics and experienced magic. The horses have progressed in many ways, some in terms of their abilities to carry a rider and others in their liberty skills. We who have been staff at the horse school have learnt many new lessons.

With a solid foundation from the year that passed we are ready to receive new interns, new clients and students in 2016.

I will take a brief moment to Give Thanks to some people who made our year so very extra special.

Many greetings from Saint Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean!

Stina and Jack, Spirit, Elena, Magic, and Moonlight


Thank you Kristine
Thank you Kristine for returning and sharing your beautiful energy!


Thank you Lisa
Thank you Working Student Lisa, I so enjoyed working with you.


Thank you Nature
Thank you Magical Sunsets


Thank you Tanya
Thank you Tanya, kind soul.


Thank you all our students
Thank you to all the lessons in the garden


Thank you Jack for giving me wonderful rides in the rainforest
Thank you Jack for giving me such wonderful first rides


Thank you Tishorn for brining your donkey for us to have a try
Thank you Tishorn for bringing your donkey for us to experience.


Thank you Anna
Thank you Anna for your beautiful energy


Thank you students
Thank you to the youths from the villages


Thank you to all who came to Sahaja
Thank you for making Sahaja 2015 happen!


Thank you Rain
Thank you Sun, Rain, Wind, Light and Dark.


Thank you Jack for giving another group lesson
Thank you for the group lessons


Thank you to all at our center
Thank you forest and your soothing orchestra


Thank you Ride Gir Ride!
Thank you Jonna, I miss you very much.


Thank you for the experience under the waves.
Thank you for the new experience under the waves.


Thank you for taking me to the top of the world
Thank you for the hike to the top of the world


Thank you Robin
Thank you Robin


Thank you Emilano for capturing the moments
Thank you Emilano for capturing the moments


Thank you Moringa for the nutrition and energy you share
Thank you Moringa for sharing the nutrition


Thank you Haidee!
Thank you Haidee and Elena!
Thank you Missy for all the help with the blogs..
Thank you Missy for all the help with the blogs..
Thank you Darling forever
Thank you Darling forever









  1. It was amazing to be back Stina and I am grateful for all adventures we had this time around and all the other times before. May the New Year bring lots of more adventures, love and peace in your life!!!

  2. It’s very important to be grateful for everything and everyone around us so it’s very nice of you to share this. I want to thank you also. Everyday I’m grateful for all my experiences I’ve got from RVA. Big thanks!

    • Thank you Jonna.
      People who view life as a gift and consciously go for an “attitude of gratitude” will most likely experience several advantages.

      Gratitude improves emotional and physical health, and it can strengthen relationships and communities. Without gratitude, life can be lonely, have little meaning even depressing. I also think gratitude enriches our humans lives. Gratitude elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.

      Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is tough.

      It is, according to Emmons, a “chosen attitude.” We must be willing to recognize and acknowledge that we are the recipients of an unearned benefit.

      Research indicates that gratitude is not merely a positive emotion; it also improves your health if cultivated. People must give up the “victim mentality” and overcome a sense of entitlement and deservedness.

      Kind regards Stina

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