Letting go of ambitions

Dear all,

Thank you for reading this blog. I write this blog to share a kinder way of being with horses. Being with horses is just good for the horse and yourself. It can help you reconnect to all living things.

Being together with horses is not a specific method. It opens our own understanding and awareness to recover and improve. With it comes a new way of looking at the behaviour and communication between horses and humans.

Horses and humans are beings with social skills. They are able to communicate and enter into a relationship with each other which can eventually grow into real friendship and is based on mutual respect.

DSC03188During the Sahaja Clinics we enable humans to improve their perception and their communication with horses. We teach how to look closely at what the horse is telling us with its facial expression and body language. This way we are able to recognise what it is feeling, what kind of personality it has and what it needs in its current situation to feel comfortable

Understanding horses, we can answer it in a way she is able to understand. We strive to make our horses an equal social partner. The horse may then imitate us or reflect our own behaviour with its reactions. Over  time and with increased awareness we will be able to see and feel what the horse is telling us. It is not about technicalities, like learning tricks, or riding. It is all about our own interest to develop. It is about connection and reconnecting with nature.

The horse can bring us to the point where we have to decide if we are willing to let go of ambitions, wanting-to-be-kind, being possessive or perfect, power and control.

By letting go of expectations, we attain a state of being here and now.

Kind regards Stina


Thank you Ana, for these beautiful photos!


Being with Horses

Body Language



  1. I agree with you Stina, horses bring such peace to our lives. They are the best teachers when it comes to being in the moment. The more time I spend with them the more I learn to be in the moment and appreciate everything around me and the less material stuff I actually need to be happy. With horses I learned that patience, understanding, love and respect works the best to develop strong bond and pressure and aggressiveness and rushing don’t work at all when I try to work with them. Horses changed my life for better and taught me to be better leader and person and for me they are the most magnificent beings on this planet!!!

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