100 Lead Mare Lessons

Dear all,

Many greetings from a rainy month of November here in the Eastern Caribbean.

The herd with Jack, Spirit, Magic, Elena and Moonlight have all adjusted well after Darling’s passing and Elena seem to take more of a leader role.  We have new students learning the language of horses and new blogs in the pipeline. New chapters to the book “The long way HOME” are in the process of being written right now.

Our horse program at SVG Horse School will always be inspired by our lead mare Darling.

I want to thank you once again for all your kind comments to the blog “The Circle of Life“. Your support was heart warming! Special Thanks to Mahsa who designed the beautiful picture of Darling wrapped around her working student Jonna – right before her last breath.

Art by Mahsa Boor Boor

Enjoy a 100 photos and words describing a few of the lessons and moments we shared with our unique lead mare.

She touched many lives.

Forever grateful.

Much sunshine

Stina, Jonna and the herd

“My life is my message” – Gandhi


  1. I’m not good in words… since Darling passed, and as I’ve never met her personally, my words, coming from an totally another corner of the world, would probably sound odd, but I want to say – I saw her dancing, loving, teaching from so far, and I know what she taught me – peace, joy, presence. Love. Anna

    • Dear Anna,

      I really appreciate your comment, thank you so much. It is always nice to hear that the lessons we want to share actually reaches people around the world. Peace, Joy, Presence – what good inspiration we could share.

      Much sunshine, wind and rain


  2. Thank you Stina for sharing your memories with Darling. I am so sorry I missed the chance to see her again but her lessons will always stay with me. I will never forget that magical ride I had with her at the beach and how patient she always was with us newcomers 🙂 She was so wise and majestic and she was amazing leader to all others. You gave her and other horses the home which was full of love and freedom and for that I am sure they will always be grateful to you!!! There is nothing more important in this world then knowing that you are accepted for who you are, either its a human or an animal, because We are all one 🙂


    • There will be new lessons at the clinic, looking forward.
      I think you will feel Darling around, everyone is settling fine, in fact they settled right away. Jack stayed at her grave and once she was burried he left the field and looked for the rest of the herd.
      It was special to witness.
      He united with Spirit and he just loves that!

  3. Dear Stina,

    What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful animal who has obviously touched & enriched the lives of many! Many condolences to you and her herd with her passing. Aren’t herd dynamics so intriguing and integral to the way of life? How lucky these spirits are to be so free in this environment that you provide them!

    Wishing you all the best,


    • Dear Elsie, Thank you so much for your comment. I look forward to meet you in person. I was very impressed of your balance in the saddle riding the polo horse. I am very lucky to be able to give the space and freedom to my horses to move around as much as they can.
      I wish you could have meet my lead mare, but no worries we will talk about her alot! Looking forward. Thank you.

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