Book title: The long way HOME

Wording: The task is to write a book covering one hundred life stories from the rescue of the wild herd until Darling’s Sunset. Once all the stories are written the foundation for the documentary is set.

When I started writing my blog last year, I had in mind to produce a book and a documentary with life lessons from the wild and abandoned herd. The blog would help me both to remember and train my writing skills. We have started and some stories are already published.

Over the next months I will write more and collect stories from various people with connections to the herd. I will also find a person who can help me put the book and the documentary together.

The book will have several authors; students, followers, teachers and advisors. I imagine a beautiful book with inviting design. The book will have many photos of horses, their connection with humans and the amazing nature surrounding us. The book will have warming and learningful stores containing food for the heart, lessons from the herd, a few advices and an appeal to protect mother earth along with a kinder way of being with horses and all other species.

I don’t know what the title will be as of yet, but I do like “The Long Way HOME”.

I started to look back on some of my first video clips. Each clip tells it’s own unique story.

So if you like to help me write a book, let me know because I am looking for you!

Much sunshine, wind and rain


Here is a video clip from  January 11th, 2009 – the first time I walked with Darling alone.

and another one from February 10th, 2009 the first time I played with Jack and Darling on the beach at liberty.

Just Grateful


  1. Wow Stina I think that’s amazing idea you have there to write a book. I already can’t wait to read it and I am sure it is going to be so wonderful to read all those stories from different people 🙂
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us!!!

    Love and sunshine,

  2. That is an amazing idea! You have sooo much beautiful material and so much knowledge to share. I love the title of the book, and I would love to contribute with something if you need! Look forward to see what you will create ,
    Love Jonna

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