Jonna: Learning to Dance

To be able to learn something new it takes willingness, effort and practice. There is a lot to think about and it takes time to feel confident to perform something you just have learned, but when you reach there- when practice actually makes perfect- you grow in yourself both physically and mentally. The feeling you have when you have succeeded with something I think is worth all the effort, practice and time you have put into it.

j4I’ve been a dancer when I was younger but this dance I want to learn is something new. I want to learn how to dance with horses. I can see many similarities in my dance with the horses as when I learned a new dance style for the first time in the past. I’ve started to practice the first steps with my horse dance and I am starting to find some rhythm. Just like in the beginning with the normal dancing, I have felt very clumsy to companion walk and leading from behind and have had some trouble with controlling my lower body with my upper body at the same time, it just didn’t come naturally. When some moves don’t come naturally and you have to think about what you are doing, how you are moving, the clumsiness sets in because you think too much. With practice, I have started to loosen up in my movements, and my body becomes more as one instead of separate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where my gaze should aim, what position next to the horse I should have, when to look at the horse and when to look at where I am going, how much I should move my arms in rhythm with the pace we are walking in and everything at the same time that I try to take in Stina´s instructions and also trying to not look too clumsy. Something that looks so simple can be very complicated!

I can at least now say that I have past the very first steps in this new dance style and I feel I can relax more and more each time I practice. I’m starting to find my right rhythm, position, and gaze and starting to be more aware of things around me (sometimes at least, I have much more to learn!) In my brightest moments I can actually hear the music to our dance. The birds are trying their best to sing along to our steps and help us to find the rhythm. I notice the deep mountain and the scenic volcano as a part of the dance scene, the ocean shining as glitter and the fresh breeze air conditioning the air we breathe. Everything is connected with one another and the here and now gets so alive!
Jonna and ElenaAs I’m starting to feel more confident with leading from behind and companion walking I am now ready for the next steps to come to complete a proper dance, and I can’t wait!

The horses already know the steps of course, It’s just up to me to do the right things since I’m the leader in this couple´s dance and the horse is following. It is a pretty amazing feeling to actually dance with a four legged dance partner around 300-400 kg next to you, talk about energy boost!  At the same time as I’m learning to dance me and the horses have new aims with our training in general. The riding has been going very good with Jack and Elena so we are now creating some new routines with building muscles and condition in our new round pen that me and Stina have made. This is also a good way for me to practice even more on connection and positioning. I’m also very proud to have a very nice homemade, organic training area!

Moringa Training Area
Moringa Training Area

I have fed Jack and Spirit in the new round pen for them to get good feelings about it. They like it but I have to keep an eye on them so they don’t eat up the fence… (moringa poles!)
Nest week is the three girls (Elena, Magic and Moonlight) turn to be introduced to the new training area. We’ll see if they like as much as Jack and Spirit do.

To be continued…

Thank you Jonna for sharing this beautiful blog.
Happy Weekend everyone!

Our next blogs will be about why we have built an eatable roundpen, developing gates and paying attention.

Kind regards Stina

Towards the Sunset
Towards the Sunset

Taking a bath at sunset


  1. Dear Jonna!

    Thank you for sharing another of your experiences with horses. I can totally understand you, because from a side, dancing with a horse can look so easy but the work you have to put in before you can get to that magical dance is huge. When I watched Stina dancing with Darling it looked so magical, so effortless but when I tried to do it with Spirit I realized that there is more to it then matching yours and horses rhythm. The magical dance comes from deep connection you share with the horse and from knowing each other’s body language and knowing how to communicate all with clearly with your horse. When I got to finally relax and trust in the process, its when I connected the deepest with Spirit and first time in my life I was doing a magical dance with her and it felt amazing 🙂 With patience and consistent work all things are possible so I am sure Jonna that one day you will have your magical dance and it will be unforgettable!!!

    Much love and sunshine…


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