You will always be our Darling

Darling, Jonna and Elena

Some people, you do not have to have known for a long time to feel deep connection with or deep love to, call it chemistry. I like to think that it is meant to be that you and this someone were going to meet, because I believe in destiny. You meet because you have wonderful things to share and learn from each other that are going to give both of your lives higher quality in some way. I also think that this can also happen in relationships with animals because this is what happened between me and a horse, Darling.

Animals have the ability to make people love them unconditionally. Sometimes we even love them more than our own family, friends or some people- even more than themselves. I think it is amazing what animals have to offer to us human beings. This love from an animal is available for every single one on this planet, regardless age, origin, functionality etc. It is a spectacular gift that we should cherish and appreciate every day. For many humans in the world, it can be the only love existing in their life. I found it very easy to love Darling and however cliché it may sound, she did contributed with higher quality to my life.

 She was a beautiful horse, she had so much grace and strength, mentally and physically. To see her in liberty dance with Stina was so amazing, she become A Million Dollar Horse, like Stina used to call her. I´ve had the honor to work with Darling for the last four months. We´ve met challenges together and overcome them together. We have worked on riding out alone, just her and me. From small walks around the academy we finally reached one of our goals and could ride out alone for an hour trail in the jungle. When I get my own horse in the future, I would look for a Darling. The energy she had and her intelligence was a combination that made her something very special and unique.

Together we have shared precious moments in the fruit garden- eating fruits, on the beach- rolling in the river and rides and walks of meditation. She has helped me to make one of my dreams in life come true; a beautiful ride in sunset on the beach. I cried of joy! She has helped me become a better person and has been the best teacher, not only for me but for so many other people and students that have gotten to know her. I know that it was destiny that we met, I will always be very grateful to her and she will stay in my heart. Forever.

Thank you for giving me so many lessons about things that matters in life. Thank you for your trust towards me when you got sick, I´ve never been closer to an animal ever and I felt so much love and connection between us. Thank you for being so strong when your body started to fail on you, I will always admire that strength.

I know you will still stay with us in many different ways. You will stay with us through people, through the rest of the herd, through the grass, wind and the trees. You will always be there. Me and Stina did everything we could to try to save your life and we know you did everything you could to try to stay alive, but we had to let go of each other and move on. But one thing is for sure-we are forever grateful that you shared your life and spirit with us and you will stay in our hearts forever.
You will always be our Darling.

Rest in peace.









  1. Dear Jonna!

    I was so touched by what you wrote on this blog and I was one of the lucky ones who met Darling and had a chance to spend some time with her and connect on a deeper level. I know I didn’t know her that deep as Stina did but I still learned so much from her and she taught me how to be good leader. What I enjoyed the most was to watch Stina and her work together and how they danced in harmony. Every one who would watch them together, would see very deep connection, love and bond they shared 🙂 I agree with you Jonna, that every person and animal that comes into our life brings something unique for us to learn. Animals know how to love unconditionally, even if they have been hurt-they are so forgiving and that is something I believe we all humans could learn from animals.
    You are always in my heart and thoughts Darling!!!

    Hugs, Kristine

    • Thank you so much Kristine! It´s amazing what that horse taught us so many important things. Wasn´t just wonderful to see them together, I just love to see Stina work with the horses, and especially Darling since she was sooo beautiful!
      We can learn so much from animals, we share the earth with them and they all have something to teach us.

      Thank you for your thoughts and love.
      Hugs, Jonna

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