Bits, Pieces and Gratitude

The fact that we have access to electrizity, computer, an internet connection, can watch videos, see photos and read this blog are just small everyday things we tend to forget being grateful for.

I would like to thank all of you who have followed, shared and participated in our journey with Jack, Darling, Danny, Rhoda, Honey, Granny, Elena, Spirit, Magic, GAIA and Moonlight since 2007.  I have learnt and gained inspiration from many of you and for this I am very grateful.

There are perhaps another 9 million reasons to be grateful.

The most unique feature of Mother Earth is the existence of life, and the most extraordinary feature of life is its diversity. Approximately 9 million types of plants, animals, protists and fungi inhabit Earth. Gratitude can open the door to more and better relationships with nature, horses and other people.

Grateful people are more likely to behave kind even when others behave less kind. There are many benefits of gratitude even from a scientific point of view. Gratitude improves mental health and reduces toxic emotions like envy, resentment to frustration and regret.

Scientist have found that gratitude increases happiness, reduces depression. Gratitude even increases mental strength and reduces stress. Gratitude furthermore improves self-esteem, rather than becoming resentful toward people who have more money or so called better jobs – which is a major factor in reduced self-esteem, grateful people are more able to appreciate other people’s accomplishments.

There has perhaps never been a time when gratitude needs to be cultivated more than it does today. New research finds biodiversity loss, fertilizer use, climate change and the change of land use leads to a rapid environmental decline and loss of all life in form of plants, animals, protists and fungi.

Bits and Pieces

Jonna, Darling, Stina and Jack walking through the fruit garden.
Jonna, Darling, Stina and Jack walking through the fruit garden.

Bits? No, we do not use bits, but here are bits and pieces from our journey to the ride of our dreams. In the past weeks we have been working with Jack, Darling, Elena and Spirit. Both Jack and Darling are now comfortable walking alone out on the trail, Elena had saddle, halter and reins on and Jonna has been sitting on Spirit a few times.

So all in all very good progress. Jonna and I even had a ride together with Jack and Darling. The rides are short, kind and connected. We ride in walk and trot when the horses offer to give us one.

I want to give many many thanks, especially to Jonna!

Much sunshine from St. Vincent

Kind regards Stina

Thanks to Elena for doing such great work in her education to become a trail horse. 

Thanks to Darling who is an amazing teacher in Liberty Training

Thanks to Jonna who is teaching Darling to walk alone away from her family herd

Thanks to the development of the Sahaja 2015 Clinic.

People are enquiring, Kristine will be here to assist and our herd is more than ready to host the clinic with Stina and Susan.


   –  and many thanks to Mother Nature for giving us yet another Mango season….


  1. This blog resonates so much with me as I have been practicing gratitude for years now and sometimes when I get caught up with every day challenges I need to remind myself what really matters in this life and all the things I already have to be grateful for. Gratitude I think is one of most powerful things we can learn to live happy and fulfilled life. When I drive in my car I always like to soak in the surroundings. As I was driving yesterday I felt such a gratitude for green grass along the road and flowers blooming, birds singing and when we truly open up our hearts for all that to come in, we can feel such divine love in our hearts and then I feel at peace and I feel one with the universe. This planet we live in and what provides us with water, ear and food and beauty, is often taken for granted and we can see where it leads-pollution, trees being cut down, food being grown with chemicals and so on. We destroy our own home without even realizing it. But I have a hope for better future 🙂 And I am very grateful for a chance to be part of the clinic Sahaja and learn so much more!!!

    Love from Latvia

    • Dear Kristine,
      I so agree with you about how precious our planet is and how well she tries to take care of us. In return we do not treat her with the respect she deserves.
      I look forward to the Sahaja Clinic – I am not sure how many we will be, we have said no more than 10 people to ensure that each person will be able to get enough out of each lesson.
      The first two days we will focus on liberty training. Since you were here the dance has developed and the connection deepened. You will probably feel that when you will do liberty dancing with Darling and Spirit.
      We will focus on riding too mostly how to start up a rider in the saddle and start up a horse under saddle. We will share all our experiences so far. In this past year I have studied alot about riding, so I will share that too.
      Most important here are not methods I think, but how we can always be aware of what the horse thinks about what you are doing and how you respond to what the horse thinks to get the continued flow and joy in the training.

      At this point I think we are doing very well, each horse is progressing in their education to become riding horses. As you know my horses all hold a MBA in Liberty Teaching and are working hard to achieve their PhD’s in Riding Teaching!! We are experiencing through small steps and short sessions a good forward flow!

      I think the Sahaja Clinic participants will get some good tools and inspiration to take home and start or restart their horse with.
      When shall I pick you up in the airport???

      Much sunshine Stina

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