Breath of Fire

Jack One day Nancy from the USA came to me to learn the language of horses. She stayed for some weeks and I will always remember her. She introduced me to Kundalini Yoga. I saw her sitting in the horse field, looking very peaceful as she was breathing deeply. Spirit and Jack stood closely and relaxed with her. I was wondering about the benefits of the breathing. I like yoga and had done various poses and asanas before, but adding breathing was a new dimension for me. Nancy got me very curious about being more aware of my breathing.

During the next weeks we shared lessons – I learnt Kundalini from Nancy and she learned Liberty Work from me. It was a great swap. I especially enjoyed learning “Breath of Fire”. Besides a way to improved well being Breath of Fire has several benefits like blood purification, stimulation of the solar plexus, oxygenation of the blood, increased lung capacity and release of toxins.

This experience was similar to one I had had previously. At the end of a five-day clinic Farah and I did a couple of years ago, we could see Magic using her breath to express joy, energy and satisfaction. Horses also express their acceptance of each other and us using their breath.

Staying mentally and physically fit
Specific breathing exercises are also a part of many exercise practices.There are many physical benefits to exercise but I have found it the most effective way to improve mental health. A little regular exercise can have a big effect on emotional well-being, like relieving stress, anxiety, improving memory, better sleep and mood. I think you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to get the benefits. It’s good to find the way where you can best enjoy exercise whether it is swimming, yoga, walking, jogging or gymnastic exercises.   Being in a reasonable good shape can help you in working with horses. When we feel better, it is easier to think of solutions and not build up any tension if there is mis-communication between you and your horse. The horse also recognizes your physical well being and gains comfort from it and respect for you.

Being present in the moment and focused is essential to connecting with horses. Some people have been around horses all their lives and yet do not have this awareness with their horses. This can be learned. Exercise and meditation can help and also simple exercises to follow – here is an exercise you can try to reconnect or connect with your horse (s) This exercise has been very helpful for me to connect with my herd when I have been away for some time, demonstrating a type of meditation.

Ritual for Appreciation and Connection

The Sahaja Clinic is coming up 7th of December and we still have 5 places.

During this clinic we will share many lessons. We will work with energetic connection, our personal dimensions and body language with horses, building our awareness for the saddle. Let me know what you’d like to share and perhaps you’d like to swap a lesson in Breath of Fire with me!

Much sunshine and fire from St. Vincent



Meditation with Horses in Nature


  1. Hei igjen, Stina! Fortsatt like inspirerende å se det du legger ut her, takk for at du deler det med oss! “The Ritual for Connection and Appreciation” så ut som en fantastisk måte å få kontakt med hestene på. Når du spør hestene om de kan flytte litt på seg uten å faktisk røre den, er dette noe de alltid har gjort automatisk basert på kommunikasjonen du har med hestene? Eller finnes det tilfeller hvor de rett og slett ikke kunne tenke seg å flytte på seg? Og isåfall, hvordan responderer du på det? Håper virkelig på et kurs i Norge i nærmeste fremtid, du og hestene dine er sånn en inspirasjon for meg!

    Vennlige hilser fra Kristin Emilie Aamodt

  2. Hello Kristin, thank you for your comment to my blog. Glad you can use the exercise suggested. Yes it could happen the horse do not move, then you need to start somewhere else. It depends a bit on the situation if I would make the horse move, but I guess not. This might not be the right exercise for you and your horse. To guide you I would need to know more about you and your horse. I will probably do a clinic in September in Norway, please write to me at stina (at) –
    Where about in Norway are you? I will be in Telemark.

  3. Wow….this would be a dream come true….I have studied Kundalini yoga and used to ride avidly in my teens and twenties…..and still dream of hsving a horse…now on to manifest thd money…….Christine

    • Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. Putting these elements together can be a really good combination.
      Hope to see you here one day. It all starts with a dream….

      • Thank you so much, Stina…we will meet , one day. ..

  4. Thank you Stina for another blog. I would love to learn the breath of fire 🙂 Breathing right is so important to our bodies but because it comes so natural for us, we often don’t even pay attention to it. I need to work on it for sure 🙂
    So excited for the clinic and all the fun reconnecting!!!


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