The Spirit of the Horse

“It is important to recognize the spirit of the horse.  If we do, the horse becomes a teacher rather than an animal that is an object for humans to use.”  – Stina

During the Sahaja 2015 Clinic we will work with The Spirit of the Horse, improve our body language and recognize all the important elements taking liberty work from the ground to the saddle. It will be my first time teaching how to improve your seat, especially the classical dressage seat. Since October 2014 I have studied with Gabriel on site and online and made many steps to become a better rider.

Gabriel teachers riding from the old classical school and has 40 years of experience, it is a pleasure and honor to work with him. During the clinic I will also focus on all elements that are important to start your horse under saddle and yourself in the saddle. My next blog will cover more in debt the riding progress for myself and my horses by looking into; correct tack, the continuous training of my classical dressage seat, the perfection of the hooves and improving the fitness level of my horse Darling.

The clinic is filling up and there are still 6 places available. The early bird special is moved till October 1st! For inspiration of honoring the spirit of the horse and looking into the future of dressage I hope you enjoy these two videos. Kind regards Stina

The Spirit of the Horse

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