Sahaja 2+1+2. It all starts with a dream….

Happy New Year!

This has been a very special year with the formation of The Independent Liberty Trainers Network and the continuous development of “The St. Vincent Horse School“.

Adding riding to our program has made the connection deeper with our horses and it has expanded our understanding how to connect under saddle. It’s always been a dream for me to ride my horses in a beautiful partnership. Dreams do come true so start dreaming!

I am excited to develop the program for the very first Sahaja Clinic. The clinic program will be intensive, comprehensive, challenging and fun. Sahaja means natural, simple, spontaneous and easy. This is why I have chosen this name for the clinic. Sahaja also means born with. You can learn to speak with horses, it is in fact very easy, you know it already, you were born with this ability. All you need to do is to remember, learn the language of the horse, train a set of companion exercises and ad a bit of humbleness and effort.

During Sahaja 2015 you will learn
– to improve your approach and awareness around horses
– to understand their language better
– “speak” more clear with your own body
– the importance of being mindful around horses
– how pecking order works in a herd and where your place is
– to wait and improve your timing
– which kind of leadership is suitable to use when
– to change your program when it does not work…
– what it takes from you to become a good rider – physically
– what it takes from you to become a good rider – mentally
– all the other things that matters; hooves, teeth, food, friends, movement and tack

Here is a sneak peak into the five day clinic.

Two Days – You learn to connect with horses from the ground.
We will work with a set of exercises building the bond, trust, respect, willingness, attentiveness and connection. Through these exercises you will learn how to dance with horses and create a willing and respectful partner.

One Day – We will look at all the important details needed to transit from the ground to the saddle. Topics will cover hoof trim, food, nutrition, weather conditions, tack for the horse, tack for the rider and how to start a horse under saddle. We will also look at the horse’s anatomy and how to decide whether a horse is suitable for riding and what kind of riding.

Two Days – We will work with exercises especially for the rider to be able to connect under saddle. We will discuss elements like the riders musculature, various exercises to improve strength, coordination and balance. We will also go through each participants unique situation and map out a possible training program to use upon return from the clinic.

Each participant will ride five times for 10-15 minutes with focus on developing the classical dressage seat.

Other elements of the clinic are; a night swim, yoga, mediation, drumming, smoothies and enjoying the amazing nature that surrounds us.

The clinic is limited to 10 participants.
The cost is US$ 1950,- which includes food and accommodation.

See you in 2015!

Kind regards Stina

Mindfulness is an element of the Sahaja Clinic
Mindfulness is an element of the Sahaja Clinic


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