Legs on the Line.

Not good...
Not good…

Today we worked on transitions from trot to halt. This could seem like a simple exercise, but no…. Gabriel explains about fifty different things to think about when learning to ride from trot to halt. So while I was still focusing on the position of my legs and upper body while giving the rhythm and speed with my seat, I was going to ad the halt. This proved to be a very good exercise. We started in walk on the track, then to sitting trot and then to halt. I should count to three or four before the halt and adjust my seat, hand and leg aid accordingly. If done correctly, my mare Darling would stop with both feet on the line.


This took quite sometime before we got the first correct halt. I now understand better what it takes from the rider to ride a correct halt, but from the theoretical understanding to actually doing it… is another thing. We’re stil riding without stirrups and my main focus is to keep my feet in. This takes a lot of strength that I am slowly building with exercises from the ground and from the saddle. Yoga has now proven to be very beneficial for me and my seat.

with some luck this was almost perfect..
with some luck this was almost perfect..

If you are an experienced rider you know that if your horse shall go from halt to walk, it can only be smooth and correct if the halt is with all feet on the line. This was new for me. Very logic of course… when you get it explained and feel the difference starting with disorganized legs from halt to walk vs when the legs are in the correct position.
So this means that If you use your hand and leg aid correctly – the horse will halt correctly and you can start back to walk correctly.

Disaster...impossible for the horse to start correctly in walk after such a halt...
Disaster…impossible for the horse to start correctly in walk after such a halt…

If you use your hands correctly but not your legs, your horse will stop correctly with the front feet but not with the back feet. Several of my halts resulted in a both front and back legs not on the line.

This it is getting more and more interesting. I am discovering the science and art of riding right here in my backyard, with my rescued wild hobby horses, in a homemade arena from used tires.

The best thing about all the new learning is that Jack and Darling are up for the lessons too. Here is a small video of them coming out of the papaya field in the morning to join the riding lesson. The liberty work has given us the best foundation for riding.

Do you want coaching?

Gabriel is now available for you too!

We are now offering online coaching as well as onsite lessons. Gabriel can probably help you identify possible solutions for riding problems you may have and he can give you ideas what and how to improve your seat.

Teachers like Gabriel brings back the Art of Riding, in the true sense of the word. He can take us back to the old school of classical quality riding. There are still people today who hold the keys to the art of connecting with horses under saddle.

Contact me for more info how to get started with Gabriel through video or Skype coaching – stina@richmondvale.org

Thank you for following my blog.

Much Sunshine from St. Vincent


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