Six months with horses

I received this nice letter from my student Anna.

Dear Stina,

I've found some pics on my phone that I took thile you were away so I don't
think I gave them to you. They also inspired me to write a few sentences
about my time withe them. Thank you very much for everything, all the
lessons and good times.


Thank you Anna, you are an inspiration! Looking forward to see you back here soon.

Kind regards Stina

Six Months with Horses

My time in RVA is finished for now – I’ll come back in 6 months, after my service period volunteering in poor communities of Belize. I’ve learned a lot about the world, health and food production through theoretical studies, as well as many practical things: gardening and harvesting, taking care of farm animals, collecting the eggs; taking part in ecological actions such as recycling rallies or treeplanting. On top of all that I’ve been learning leadership with Stina’s horses.

Six months with horses

Those past 6 months have passed really quickly and I regret I haven’t had more time to spend with the heard. Though I got to know them and their characters pretty well and I hope to continue working with them when I come back. Strong-willed and a little bit naughty Magic, easy and calm Moonlight, friendly and nice to work with Elena, independent Spirit, formal but friendly Darling and the stud – easy-going Jack. Together they create quite an interesting little family and I’ve enjoyed working with every one of them.

I’ve learned about body language, confidence and charisma. I’ve also gotten to know their likes and dislikes, where they like to be scratched, how they rest, sleep, graze and play. Who stands where in the hierarchy and how easily it can be observed if you watch their interactions closely. Most of all, I’ve had a lot of fun just spending a quiet morning with them, sitting close-by, reading or daydreaming, interrupted sometimes by huge nostrils coming to check if I maybe, possibly, have some mango hidden in my lap. Thank you, horses, for letting me enter into your world a little, and thank you, Stina, for being an interpreter of this different reality.


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