Starting a horse under saddle – Chapter 1 to 5

Stina and Elena
Stina and Elena

I always wanted to ride my horses and after some years of studying their language and learning a new way of horsemanship, the day came when I was ready to start riding.

I have six horses and had decided to start with Jack, Darling and Elena. Elena was very young when she came to SVG Horse School and she did not have any bad experiences with people. She is very open, curious and was eager to participate in this new program I introduced to her. Together with two working students, Anne and Kristine we documented every step of the way introducing Elena to both saddle and rider.

This was my first time starting a horse under saddle. Because of the bond and trust I share with Elena, the process to start her under saddle was uncomplicated and gentle. I always wanted to find a way that was joyful for both me and my horse. Before every session we carried out a set of companion exercises to ensure that the bond and trust was in place before riding.

I am happy to share this journey with you and hope you find inspiration. Just write to me if you have any questions or comments.

Kind regards Stina

Chapter 1 – Riding at Liberty – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Riding at Liberty – Elena and the Blanket

Chapter 3 – Riding at Liberty – First time weight on the back

Chapter 4 – Riding at Liberty – First steps with rider

Chapter 5 – Riding at Liberty – Let’s turn and keep the balance

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