Zen Riding

Zen Riding

So what’s on at SVG Horse School? Anna is progressing with her horse skills, another private clinic is completed and I am preparing for my new riding teacher Gabriel to arrive. Gabriel will be the new manager at SVG Horse School from September this year. Gabriel is a life long horse man who has trained Olympic riders. He has worked in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Singapore, Syria, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. This week I like to share Anna’s Zen Riding Experience and Amanda’s experiences at the private clinic. Thank you Anna and Amanda it’s inspiring to work with people like you! Kind regards Stina ps.. if you did not yet subscribe to The Independent Liberty Trainers Network, you can do it at www.libertytrainersnetwork.com and receive this week’s blog by Robin Gates and Susan Smith. 

Anna: At Richmond Vale Academy we have entered our first ever Zen Week, with events such as painting Mandalas, practicing yoga, Tai-Chi and creating a Japanese rock garden. In compliance with the theme, Jack and I have made our own Zen riding experience. Anna and JackYesterday was the first time I’ve sat on a horse in 4 years, and the first time ever that I’ve done it without a saddle. With only a thick blanket on, not even a halter, I was left to trust Jack not to throw me off or go off galloping towards his mare, Spirit. Thankfully, I’ve done all those horse-lessons before, which left me absolutely sure of the horses’ willingness to cooperate with us. Witnessing how they react to Stina’s spoken commands assured me that I’m completely safe. Not for a second did I feel unsure. Of course, we haven’t done any riding in a traditional sense. Instead, I got on Jack’s back and we walked around the field a bit, contemplating the beautiful Caribbean landscape together. Every now and then he would graze or get his favorite treat – breadfruit – while I relaxed, petted him and just enjoyed the experience. Jack was, obviously, perfect, chilled-out in a way that only he can get, not minding the person on his back at all. Studying him from above, I couldn’t help but be grateful for the previous lessons I’ve received, for they’ve made me more aware of his body language. The lack of saddle added to that newfound connection, making me feel so much closer to Jack, and to nature in general. We’ve spent our time together just getting to know each other and enjoying the scenery, in a completely zen-like state of total relaxation. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect re-introduction to horse-riding after so many years.

Amanda from Sweden – This Private Clinic was Amazing!

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