I left empowered as a lead mare…

Michelle just stayed with me for a private clinic. It was wonderful to have Michelle here, so I’d like to thank her so much for coming. Besides all the lessons in liberty with my herd in the garden, in the field, on the beach and through the jungle… I think we filled up our smoothie quota for months to come…….

Lessons in the Garden
Lessons in the Garden

Here is what Michelle writes about the private clinic:

“My name is Michelle Stewart and I have a passion for horses. I currently own a Thoroughbred horse that Is an ex Race Horse. I did ride but was still looking for a deeper relationship between horse and human . This unleashed a journey for me.

I found a way to respect and build a relationship through Liberty Training where the horse can be respected as a being.

I met Stina through the Independent Liberty Training Network.

Stina had posted a beautiful Video called Heart of the Universe  and that was another significant movement for myself in my journey with horses.

I have taken some Liberty courses and worked with trainers close to home but I wanted to experience something uniquely different but still incorporate my passion with horses.

And this I found working in in a private clinic with Stina learning Liberty in Beautiful St. Vincent . Working with her herd.

Stina was quickly able to identify where my weakness where to move me forward with my horse. Her passion through Liberty for horses and understanding is beyond what most expect .

If you have a desire to enhance your relationship with horses then Stina is an excellent trainer. The nature of St. Vincent along with the Liberty Training will be a life time experience.

My goal is to continue to expand my knowledge with and about horses and offering an opportunity to be the voice for the ex race horse. By doing this it will offer them a second chance in life to be respected by the human.

Horses will continue to heal humans if only given the chance.

I had such an amazing time and I can’t thank you enough I left empowered as a lead mare with effective ways to achieve goals and aware of my body language.”

Thank you Michelle for wanting to be a voice for the ex race horse!

Happy Weekend everyone!


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