Stina and her horses – a definite highlight of my stay!

Stina and Magic

Todays blog is from our guest Anna who stayed with us a few days. It is wonderful to see people from all over the world finding our magical place at the end of the road.

Here is what Anna writes about her stay:


I just returned to Bequia after a 2-night stay at the Richmond Vale Academy/Hiking Centre. I’d been intrigued by what I’d heard, and excited about finally making the journey. It was a wonderful experience and I want to go back, and bring friends!

Not wishing to spend EC$150 each way for a taxi, I found I could take a bus from the terminal in Kingstown to Fitzhughes (end of the line) for just $6, and Jesper (one of the owners) very kindly collected me within minutes!

It wasn’t exactly a soothing ride on the bus, but I can’t complain…especially as I saw my overnight bag being moved about and at one point being held on a passenger’s knees, yet no-one seemed to mind, and they wouldn’t even accept an added dollar I offered for the extra burden besides me!

Once at the Centre I was stunned by the rugged beauty and the tranquillity of the setting. I was free to wander and took hundreds of photos of everything from the volcano & surrounding hills to a little pig drinking from the stream leading into the ocean.

Richmond Beach
Richmond Beach

I spotted the pig on the (black sand) beach as I waited for my hiking guide to lead some stray donkeys to a safer pasture. Franklin, the Centre’s guide, is a very knowledgeable, pleasant, and respectful man, and I thoroughly enjoyed our unrushed 4-hour trip as far as Dark View Falls and back.

A fabulous way to work up an appetite for the great buffet style lunch served in the attractive, airy dining hall… I loved having meals with Stina, Jesper and the students.

One can choose to remain quietly on one’s own, but I was happy to chat with some of the students from countries such as Mozambique, France, St. Vincent, Slovakia, Hungry, Italy… All working hard at making a positive difference, and they were a pleasure to spend time with. 

A definite highlight of my stay at the Richmond Vale Academy was being invited by Stina to rise early and watch her interact with her beautiful horses. These rehabilitated horses which survived a period of abuse and neglect are now wonderfully healthy, and have a special, close bond with Stina. They respond to her words and gestures, and are curious, lively, and trusting. 

If you can be content living simply and close to the land, interact easily with people, take pleasure from nature, and wish to experience something unique and uplifting…you’ll absolutely love your stay at Richmond Vale. You don’t even have to hike if you’d rather rest, read, swim, putter in the vegetable garden, chat with the chickens, eat fruit! No problem…


Thank you so much for staying with us, it is a pleasure to share the new way of being with horses, it is truly an eyeopener and in North Leeward St. Vincent you can find one of the most special experience and connect deeply with nature.

If you have any questions about staying with us or my horse program, I would be happy to hear from you in the comment field.

Have a wonderful weekend ever one,

Kind regards Stina

View from the Palm Trail
View from the Palm Trail

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