Anna: I was amazed by how the horses act



Here, in Richmond Vale, everything seems to be different than in the so called „real world”. The chores done together with 15 other people are less tedious, gardening is a learning experience and going to the city is an adventure of itself.

Stina’s approach to horses is also very different to what most people are used to seeing. I could see that for myself at the first meeting of a horse club in RVA.

Stina, Berry and I have been working with a lovely Magic, a mare of a huge personality and charm. Our goal was to make her comfortable under a saddle and, in the future, able to be a riding horse.
Magic was very apprehensive at first, especially since she didn’t know these two strange girls who came with her friend Stina.

I think Berry and I have been equally, or more, apprehensive. However soon it became a lot easier for all of us to interact with each other. Slowly, with a heapful of lovely horse treats, we got Magic interested in the blanket that you put under the saddle, and later she even let us put it on her back.

The relaxed atmosphere let her do everything at her own pace. That way she didn’t feel forced, even if she was a little encouraged into thinking that that blanket was the most interesting thing in the whole world – at least for that half an hour of our meeting.

I was amazed by how quickly she took to it, like the heavy blanket on her back was never an issue in the first place. She was calm through the whole experience, even if she lost her focus a couple of times to process the learning. It turned out that she just needed a minute to collect her thoughts. All in all, Magic is very cooperative.

Seeing Stina interact with the horses before that, I shouldn’t be surprised. I was amazed by how they act rather like well-trained dogs, responding almost perfectly to verbal commands and physical clues. I am eager to learn how to be that confident and comfortable around these magnificent animals so I’m looking forward to the next meeting of the horse club.

– Anna G


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