Sunrise Meditation with Horses

We enjoy the stillness together

St. Vincent, Saturday the 5th of April.

I enjoy sunrise, in fact, I am in love with the sunrise. Right before the break of dawn, I awake with a clear mind. I take my thick western saddle blanket and find a beautiful spot in the horse field for an early morning meditation and yoga session.

My horses live in a big paddock with Grugru trees, they have a cool shelter, small hills and attached grass fields. Here they roam freely in their family herd. The Grugru trees are in nut season. The horses wander peacefully around the paddock to chew on the fresh nuts.

The views are stunning.
Almond Trees. Trumpet Bush. Sweet Grass. Sky. Clouds. Ocean. Flowers.

The music of nature is soothing. Birds. Insects. Waves. Wind. Grazing horses. Sitting down in easy pose in this magical place helps you arrive to a peaceful state of mind. A peaceful state of mind attracts horses. Horses can feel what you feel.

I enjoy teaching this lesson to my students. Here is what a new student Alessia wrote about her experimental horse lesson this morning:

The early yoga session with curious animals

Today, at 6 AM, which is quite early for me, I took part to a yoga session with Stina. I knew about yoga before, that was not my first time, but today was definitively a NEW EXPERIENCE for me!

First of all let speak about the view: the flora in St Vincent is a rare spectacle that my imagination was not expecting to enjoy, so doing yoga in such a place, with nothing else but nature, where I, as a human being, was not anymore in a dominant position, was extraordinary. Curious horses come to join Nevertheless the best part was to make this uncommon experience with the horses living right there on the field.

Their names Jack the Curious, Helena the Player and Darling the Compassionate.

I never saw horses so curious in my life, wild ones, but really friendly. While Stina was explaining me how to do the exercises they were constantly around us; looking sometimes like protecting us, “disturbing” us asking for attention or only standing there thinking about “their own life”. The point is that they were part of the landscape, and I too was part of this moment running out of the time. It was simply magic, and I use this word simply on purpose. It was just perfect to be part of this equilibrium between animals, nature and human being.

Part of this world, which is my new reality. – Alessia

Thank you Alessia for the lesson this morning. Achieving a good friendship and a heart connection with your horse is possible for everyone.  Give time and enjoy life. Just spending time with your horse will help the bond and trust to grow.

Kind regards Stina

Meditation with Horses
Darling investigating the blanket.
Meditation with Horses
Elena, my beautiful young mare
Meditation with Horses
The Way of Nature

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