Anna: A Powerful Experience

Anna has studied with me for some time and shared this blog with us; Hope you enjoy it as much as I did Kind regards Stina After three lessons with wonderful and spirited Magic I am pretty confident in my assumption that she’s starting to, if not like, than definitely get used to Berry and…

Vlog: Heart of the Horse

“Horses are attracted by humans who have the ability to live in the moment. The still mind reflects the beauty of creation as it melts into the peace of the divine.” Enjoy the video and enjoy your horse quietly today. Kind regards Stina

Anna: I was amazed by how the horses act

  Here, in Richmond Vale, everything seems to be different than in the so called „real world”. The chores done together with 15 other people are less tedious, gardening is a learning experience and going to the city is an adventure of itself. Stina’s approach to horses is also very different to what most people…

Sunrise Meditation with Horses

St. Vincent, Saturday the 5th of April. I enjoy sunrise, in fact, I am in love with the sunrise. Right before the break of dawn, I awake with a clear mind. I take my thick western saddle blanket and find a beautiful spot in the horse field for an early morning meditation and yoga session….