Do you want to learn Horse-Whispering?


Thank you for visiting my blog I would love to hear from you in the comment field below. I offer  clinics in Horse-Whispering where you can learn how to achieve the magic connection with your horse.

Here is what Anita Ingebriktsvold has to say about Stina’s clinic:

“In Oslo in June 2013, Stina was giving workshop based on “The Waterhole Rituals”, Carolyn Resnick fantastic methods on how to make a mutual, joyful relationship with your horse. Stina is teaching in an easy understandable, dynamic and inspiring way that makes it fun for both the participants and for the horses. It does not matter if you are into dressage, jumping, trailriding, hobbyriding or whatever, these methods are about how to improve your relationship with your horse in a mutual friendly, positive, emphatic and adaptable way. Learning The Waterhole Rituals has for really been the missing link to my horse training and has improved the relationship with my horses in ways I before thought was not possible.

Her story about how she made contact with the wild horses on St. Vincent is also truly amazing. There are so many things to be learned from that story and her patient and emphatic approach towards the wild horses and the incredible results she has achieved.”

Thank you Anita for your feedback and for coming to my clinic!

I am excited to offer a range of new lessons, retreats and courses this year. At my ranch here in the Caribbean we will have new retreats in Horse-Whispering, Animal Communication, Scuba Diving, Yoga and Meditation coming up.

This years Norway clinic will be in Dreamvalley at Tina’s Ranch on the 5th and 6th of September. Contact for more information.

It is no secret that I am very passionate about protecting the environment so you will also hear bits and pieces from me on this blog about healthy living, sustainable horse keeping and climate change. We cannot close our eyes to climate change even in the “arms” of our horses.

Warmly Stina


  1. Hello Stina . . . Could you by any chance give me the name of the person singing the song in this beautiful video? . . . I would like to know more about her as to whether she sells CD’s etc.

    Your whole blog is quite lovely . . . 🙂

    • Hello Waters,

      Thank you for reading and liking our blog.
      The singer in the video is Snatam Kaur, she has such an angel voice.
      Kind regards Stina

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