Lesson with Untamed Horses

Stina Herberg

I am always impressed of how good my horses are to give lessons. Today I had a lesson with Anne from USA with my horses Jack, Darling and Elena. Now Anne had quite a few experiences with horses already and the horses responded very well.

Here is what Anne writes about her lesson:

“I have ridden horses since I was eight years old, taken riding and dressage lessons, shown and fox hunted my own horses, galloped race horses as an exercise rider, but I have never had such a serendipitous experience as your lesson with untamed horses. Learning more about the language of the horse and how to train them at liberty gave me more insight into training my own horse.

There were so many lessons that could be applied to life, and especially parenting, that anyone would enjoy no matter if they were familiar with horses or not. The combination of patience and love along with clear communication and guidelines works as well with humans as horses. You have done so much with these lovely creatures and I thank you for sharing it with me.”  – Anne Ward Stern

You can book lessons with me by sending an email stina@richmondvale.org. I would also be happy to hear from you, just write to me in the comment field.

Study with Stina Herberg

Study with Stina Herberg

Study with Stina Herberg

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