The feeling of being a part of the herd was amazing

Margrete and JackBeing a working student with Stina was a lot of adventure,
learning and new experiences, but what I remember best is just spending time with the horses. Sleeping in the hammock in the middle of the herd, long walks with some horses on a lead rope and some loose, and ending the day on the beach.

The feeling of being a part of the herd was amazing. To be able to spend so much time with the horses gives a great opportunity to learn about how they communicate.

I still remember one of the day sitting in the hammock watching the horses when I noticed that I no longer sow the horses communicate here and there. They have a constant awareness of where the other horses are, what they are doing and changing their position and energy level after each other.

I had spent a lot of time before learning about horse communication but the hours just watching made me Working Studentsee not only the big signals but the small communication happening in between.
If you have the chance I would really recommend spending time with Stina, not only for the great opportunity to learn about horses and horse training, but also to learn about yourself and to just spend time with the herd.

And the place is also beautiful, with amazing nature trails, the beach is just five minutes away and there are a lot of wonderful people at the Academy.

– Margrete

Being with the herd


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    With warm regards, Rose & Steve Hasta La Vista, Mr & Mrs Smith

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