Do you want to learn Horse-Whispering?

Thank you for visiting my blog I would love to hear from you in the comment field below. I offer  clinics in Horse-Whispering where you can learn how to achieve the magic connection with your horse. Here is what Anita Ingebriktsvold has to say about Stina’s clinic: “In Oslo in June 2013, Stina was giving workshop based…

Vlog: Magical Moments

Elke, thank you for staying with us. It was very special to share these moments with you and your daughter. In the video you can sense the  possible experience with our unique herd of horses wrapped into the incredible nature of St. Vincent. Come for a diving, horse and hiking vacation in the Caribbean!

Lesson with Untamed Horses

I am always impressed of how good my horses are to give lessons. Today I had a lesson with Anne from USA with my horses Jack, Darling and Elena. Now Anne had quite a few experiences with horses already and the horses responded very well. Here is what Anne writes about her lesson: “I have…

To ride or not to ride?

Today I had the pleasure of giving lessons to three beautiful girls from a care home in Denmark. The girls had taken riding lessons in a school before but as most riding schools you do not learn much about horses. Most riding schools do not even teach the students how to say hello to a…

The feeling of being a part of the herd was amazing

Being a working student with Stina was a lot of adventure, learning and new experiences, but what I remember best is just spending time with the horses. Sleeping in the hammock in the middle of the herd, long walks with some horses on a lead rope and some loose, and ending the day on the beach….