Elisabetta: I was fascinated by the kind soft approach

Elisabetta Asti

Elisabetta, thank you for traveling from Italy to study with me here in St. Vincent. I truly enjoyed your company and the lessons we shared.

Hope to see you back soon.

Kind regards Stina

“I spent a beautiful week at Richmond Vale Academy, in a natural paradise with the jungle all around full of life with its brillant green and the sounds of thousand birds. I decided for that experience because I wanted to develop a better relationship and comunication with horses: I was interested in WHR and curious about Stina’s work with her herd.

And all my days over there have been full of insights!
I was fascinated by her kind soft approach to horses and the way she put them a request. One day she was giving some food and all the herd was around her, every horse was calm, no one was trying to kick or bite the horse close to him to have more food: Stina looked like a good teacher in the class with all the students waiting for their turn ! I appreciated her leadership and the magic connection she has, the perfect balance between ask and leave, ask and have a positive response, be steady without be severe, be focused and determineted and soft at the same time. I even liked very much to see the horses free, day and night, in such a beautiful area, living in the nature without stables, barefoot, and, on the top of all, with so nice people around. We had also a very good accommodation in the Academy, and we could spent a week not just like a tourist but experiencing the daily activities of the Academy, we had the pleasure to share meals with staff and students and feel the enviromental awarness and commitment in their taking action in all the interesting projects.”

Elisabetta Asti

Elisabetta and Jack on a walk to the jungle
Elisabetta and Jack on a walk to the jungle


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